Human Capital Management

We provide end-to-end solutions as per your needs

Cloud Services - HCM

We have cloud HRM along with other SaaS and cloud services of SAP success factors, Oracle Fusion, CEIPAL and Workday etc. Bruhat’s cloud based application system will allow you to access your employee insights across multiple geographies and business virtues in single click for maximum productivity.

  • SaaS Implementation
  • Support
  • Installation & Integrations
  • Analytics & Reports

Data Analytics - HCM

In Today’s world we are more reliable on data or Big data, Bruhat has ability to give you access to applications so you can increase visibility and predictability of your HR analytics services. We have following services for you.

  • Big Data
  • Customised Analytics Report
  • Predictive Analytics Services
  • BI Analytics Services

HCM Consulting

Bruhat has rich experience to provide you with Strong HCM consultations with which you can advantage your business from our valued chain consulting. Our HCM consulting services are as follows.

  • Change management
  • Cloud assess & preparation
  • HR Process assessment and road map with define tools
  • HCM Package recommendation & implementation
  • Process Transformation
  • Support & Maintenance

Application Services

Bruhat offers you seamless services on platform like SAP, ORACLE, PeopleSoft and Other Home developed CRM, ERP. We help you to deploy, install, integrate, and usage training of HCM application for your daily use. We have following services for you.

  • Applicarion Support
  • Application Deployment
  • Application Integrations
  • Custom Application Development

Human Capital Management (HCM) is a system where employer understands the investment value they have made in their employee assets. This will help them to predict and react to that particular employee asset. .

Bruhat has wide range of options for you. We have readymade tailored made and we have customized home built as well as customized development options available for you. We can work out on the given HR working framework.

  • Specialized :
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